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Belonging Pioneers: Helping industry rebalance the scales in the workplace

‘Hearing your own organisation’s ‘quieter voices’ can have a transformational impact on your business’… was one of many key points that delegates took away from this year’s Balancing the Scales event hosted by leading think tank consultancy, Belonging Pioneers.

Business owners, industry leaders and HR representatives from over 40 organisations were in attendance to hear guest speakers and engage in meaningful discussion about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) in the workplace. Delegates debated ways which positive change can be better implemented into a company’s existing values and culture in order to generate greater long-term, sustainable benefits.

Ahead of next month’s International Women’s Day (8 March), the event also shone a spotlight on women in sport, and why purposeful investment in DEIB activities has been (and still is) critical to delivering high potential benefits for the UK sector.

Women’s football, in particular, was highlighted as an example of where a more integrated approach has been fully embraced by a specific discipline over recent years, and how it is now positively changing the game through improved attitudes, standards and collaborative partnerships, especially in local communities.

Similarly, women’s cricket has also undergone significant changes, with big name sponsorship no longer being driven solely by profile, branding or financial gain, but rather from grass roots initiatives, community engagement links, inclusivity for all, and social benefits and values.

 Ishreen Bradley, Chief Inspiration Officer at Belonging Pioneers, said, “Balancing the Scales has become an annual event which very much aims to encourage and strengthen conversation around what is often a challenging and complex matter for businesses of all kinds, no matter what their size or operation.

“By holding meaningful discussions in a very open and honest way with like-minded people, companies can feel they’re fully supported, and can assess their current approach to DEIB as part of a bigger picture, or alternatively, start the process of change in a more holistic way.

“Recent examples such as the ongoing Post Office inquiry, has helped people to better understand the problems many organisations now face, and truly visualise the issues rather than being merely words spoken.

“Women in sports, especially football, is the perfect example of how once accepted behaviours and attitudes have now become unacceptable, and investment and collaboration from industry has helped drive momentum in a positive and progressive way. Sport as a sector has taken huge strides forward for the good of everyone, especially regarding accessibility, and DEIB has been the missing piece of the jigsaw.

“We still have a long way to go in places, but Belonging Pioneers will continue researching and pushing ahead the DEIB agenda in order to empower companies across all sectors. We’re therefore keen to engage with organisations from across the UK, and invite business leaders to work with us to rebalance the scales of privilege.”

BTS2024 Panel Discussion

ENDS 27 February 2024


·      Photo: Photo – (left to r) Paul Elliott, former professional footballer at Celtic and Chelsea, and international diversity ambassador for UEFA; Danielle Lee, Director of Brand and Marketing at Metro Bank; Shareen Qureshi, Astrel Ventures and who also led Barclays to sponsor women’s football; and Ishreen Bradley, event host and Chief Inspiration Officer of Belonging Pioneers.

·      Interviews are available with Ishreen Bradley (Belonging Pioneers).


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Editors Notes:

·      Belonging Pioneers is a UK-based organisation which guides business leaders to realise their equity and inclusion ambitions through authentic leadership and innovative new approaches. The company focuses on cultivating mindsets and cultures that nurture a sense of belonging by providing advisory, training, development and coaching that transforms organisations and creates intentional inclusion. For more details go to www.belongingpioneers.com