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Awareness Training & Coaching

Executive and Team Coaching

Our Executive Coaching practice is led by our Founding Director, Ishreen Bradley and is focused on supporting yoursenior leadership to develop and implement strategies for increasedequity of opportunity opportunity for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

Awareness Training

Ranging from training on the Equalities Act to Privilege and Allyship at work…increase understanding about different cultures, different kinds of people and how to be effective with each other.

Our awareness training and listening circles are provided on a bespoke or ‘off the shelf’ basis. ‘Modular’ Awareness training: can be purchased either individually or in combination. We can also develop bespoke training for you around the equalities act or around topics relating to equity diversity, inclusion and belonging that are relevant for your organisation.

The ‘off the shelf’ training modules are as follow:

  • Module 1 - is all about conscious inclusion. Delegates work on:

  • understanding their biases

  •  the different types of bias and how these biases are formed

  • a diversity friendliness self-awareness quiz to help people really reflect on the extent to which they are open to those who are different from them

  • values and how their values drive bias

  • the factors that develop a sense of inclusion and belonging at work so that they can start to adopt some of those factors to the to benefit themselves and their colleagues

  • basic definitions and examples of individual, structural and systemic racism

  • the actions that they are now going to take in order to ensure that they become more equitable and more inclusive at work

  • Module 2 is all about culture and developing a structure for success. We discuss:

  • the impact of being treated differently so that delegates can increase their understanding

  • how they can respect and appreciate people from different cultures, building confidence in connecting with diverse colleagues

  • how to put people at ease and how to deal with uncertainty when they are engaging with others so that they can be more confident and clear

  • a vision of what an inclusive workplace might look like

  • actions that they are going to take between the modules, and we reflect on the progress they have made since the last module

  • Module 3 is all about privilege. The content is now getting a bit more challenging:

  • Delegates start to explore and understand privilege and the impact of privilege on equity at work

  • They practice being comfortable with being uncomfortable given all human concerns about speaking up and taking action

  • They practice operating from their head, heart and hands

  • We look at what keeps privilege in place in an organisation and how to work on structural and institutional privilege and how to move beyond their own personal privilege.

  • And then what actions they are going to take

  • Module 4 is all about diversity.  We explore:

  • the sources of discrimination at work and what it takes to be a great ally

  • powerful apologies and how to apologise when you have tripped up although you didn't mean to and your intentions were good

  • Language and how language affects how people feel

  • Micro-aggressions and micro-affirmations

  • Actions they will take to be more comfortable and confident in diverse environments

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Testimonials - Awareness Training

Ishreen has worked with our Gender Equity Matters Resource Group at AIG to increase our understanding of many aspects that men and women in our network are currently dealing with at work. 


Her contribution has enabled colleagues in our network to deal more effectively with covid19 challenges and hybrid work patterns as well as how to achieve success through their unique difference – rather than hide their value out of a fear of being rejected. Her workshops are always well attended and much appreciated by our members.


Ishreen has a fantastic ability to keep the conversation focused and balanced, questioning and providing subtle guidance. 

Miriam Reid, Global Change Strategy Team, AIG

Ishreen coached me on my return from my second maternity leave. I knew it was going to be my final return and so I wanted to set myself on the right track, and partly because the family dynamic was so much more complicated with both a baby and a school age child to consider. Ishreen has helped me both with the bigger picture - working through my very clouded thoughts about the path that I want to be on - but also with some very practical immediate steps which helped me to re-build my confidence in the work place and tackle the things that were holding me back from performing at my best. I would recommend Ishreen to anyone who is at a tipping point in their career or their life more generally.

Caroline Sandeman-Allen, Head of Secretariat and Governance at Lloyds of London

“With her warm and open personality, an ability to listen actively and to ask searching, pertinent questions, Ishreen is an intuitive and very effective executive coach. In sessions which were always fun and thought-provoking she helped me to think through my response to unfolding events and reestablish a sense of personal agency and purpose.”

Gabrielle de Wardener, Culture & CSR Director at Aimia Inc.

Ishreen is a great listener and combined with insightful questioning engages you to think differently about your personal or business challenge. Ishreen supported my team and I to develop aspirational goals and establish a firm team commitment to achieve them.

Glen Ward, Senior Executive – Wealth Management and Banking – Change Management – Strategy & Financial Leadership.

Ishreen started working with me as an executive coach at an extremely pivotal time in my Career and Personal life where a number of significant transitions were taking place all within a short period of time. I found Ishreen’s coaching invaluable. She has a knack of asking the difficult questions and addressing the difficult issues and challenges in a very calm and measured way that made me feel completely supported. This approach really helped me think things through with an open mind and consider different ways of viewing the challenges I was facing. This fine balance between being tough and thought provoking as well as caring at the same time added with her experience and own personality makes Ishreen’s coaching style quite unique

Julia Litchfield, Talent Leader, ARS EMEA at Aon

Belonging Pioneers is where intentional leaders gain the clarity, confidence and courage to achieve their equity diversity and inclusion ambitions through authentic leadership and innovative new approaches.

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