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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach is based on collaboration - it is ‘plug and play’ - you can quickly bring value to your organisation in an agile way.

We have easily adaptable ‘plug and play’ modules that can be added or removed from the programme we are delivering with you.

Our focus is very much on your outcome and producing the results that you are looking for.

Our approach is holistic - we touch the head, the heart and the hands. 

Most of us are developed to use our brains very well....that's what the modern world requires from us. But when it comes to this kind of work, you need to engage the heart. You need to make sure people connect with what you are looking to accomplish. AND you need to engage the hands – our metaphor for action.

It's great that people are talking about equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging at work. That is beginning to shift the dial, but to really cause what you are looking to cause, you need to cause action.

What we do with this holistic approach is bring confidence, courage and clarity for anybody involved in your programme to be able to achieve what they are looking to achieve by using our processes, methods, tools and techniques.

Our approach is tried, trusted and true: all our associates have been tried, trusted and tested over many, many years. Most of us have over 20 years’ experience of working in this area. And we know that what we provide is true.

What we mean by ‘true’ is that we bring authentic lived experiences. We listen with empathy, compassion and openness - and whatever people say, we hear them and we work with and we assist in the process of going through this very emotional, challenging change process that can involve a lot of anger, frustration, shame, guilt...so many emotions that call for the heart. We bring true, deep listening - a true safe space in which people can explore and move forward.

 Our approach is comprehensive.  You can work with us to achieve individual, team or organisation-wide impact for your ESG/ED&I ambitions.

Belonging Pioneers is where intentional leaders gain the clarity, confidence and courage to achieve their equity diversity and inclusion ambitions through authentic leadership and innovative new approaches.

Our Services

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