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Intentional Inclusion

How do you ensure that the behaviours, values and actions of each colleague, enables everybody to feel included and enables everybody to believe that they have an equal chance of success?

Work with us through our explore-engage-embed framework to evolve your organisational culture so that everybody experiences having a fair opportunity of success given their skills, talent and experience:

  • Explore: Understand the frameworks: what does your organisation need to put in place in order to move forward? What are the structures required to move beyond individual institutional and systemic barriers to effective equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging?

  • Engage: Take ownership of different elements and put structures and processes that enable the transformation to occur, with input from everybody involved

  • Embed: move forward and embed learning

    Each of these phases can take anything from two to six months depending on the size of your organisation. In larger organisations, this process can take three to five years overall

  • Culture transformation is a complex process, and requires the following elements:

  • Scope and create a programme design and robust plan based on detailed analysis of the current status - through interviews, surveys and listening circles 

    Listening circles enable a psychologically safe space for people to contribute their thoughts, experiences, and what they think the organisation needs to work on. They can be conducted face-to-face or online

    We use an agile approach so if changes are required, we're very competent at making those changes quickly and effectively.

  • Leadership Development: in our experience, C suite and executives often have low confidence in this area due to their lack of lived experience - not wanting to cause offence or get it wrong, combined with guilt and shame based on their own privileg

  • Coach the C suite on a one-to-one basis, usually coaching the CEO and the COO to provide vision and direction

  • Coach the executive/senior management team through action learning sets to develop and implement the programme of change required within their business units

  • Facilitate leadership in running the all-staff mobilisation process

  • Provide changemaker support

  • Foundational elements required for sustained success with equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging:

  • HR - Our HR experts, coaches and consultants support you through the HR attract-select-engage-develop-retire cycle. They advise on how to set up your recruitment campaign, how to run your recruitment process, how to induct your staff effectively and have them perform at their best so that they can be engaged very quickly into organisational life. 

  • Internal Communication - essential for success but often gets forgotten or done badly in this area. Our experts work with your internal comms team to shape the communications around equity diversity, inclusion and belonging, enabling a clear framework and strategy to ensure that communications are effective from before the programme begins through to completion and ongoing effectiveness.

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Testimonials – Intentional Inclusion

Ishreen Bradley and Mel Larsen have helped Serpentine rebuild our internal culture with a strongly anti-racist foundation. Thanks to them, our staff is better equipped to actively listen to the experiences of our colleagues of colour, who have reported improved feelings of belonging as result of this ongoing work.


Over the nine months since we began working with Ishreen and Mel, we have revised our employee proposition and senior administrators representing communities of colour have joined the Serpentine team.  


What I value most about working with Ishreen is that she has been able to connect with every member of our team on a personal level and we have felt so supported throughout these first stages of this critically important process.

Bettina Korek, CEO, Serpentine

As a Charitable Company running traditional Victorian Theatres and a Picture House Cinema in Leeds, we have increasingly recognised that our workforce and audiences were not representative of the people of Leeds. We also recognised that if we are to become inclusive, equitable and diverse, it will take everyone in the organisation to live and breathe the values and for it to become second nature for EDI to be considered in all our decisions.


Such an aspiration can be daunting, but our Senior Management Team and I were fortunate to gain the help and support of Ishreen and the team. We were encouraged to develop our breakthrough goals and we began to see the benefits these workshops would have for the entire Company. Supported by Ishreen we introduced a Company wide workshop, encouraging and supporting everyone in the organisation to engage with, and contribute to, our breakthrough aims.


“Our eyes are now wide open, we have turned our fear and trepidation into excitement and opportunity. We couldn't have done it without you!”

Chris Blythe, Chief Executive, Leeds Heritage Theatres

I chose to work with Ishreen Bradley in an Executive Coaching relationship based on her experience of change management related to equity, diversity and inclusion.


Ishreen has supported me in thinking through how best to engage diverse and intersectional groups in our Firm. Some areas Ishreen has assisted me to work through include: how to help adapt the firm to shifting work and life attitudes of clients and staff; how to encourage development of prospective and junior partners; thought leadership and creative idea generation; empowering direct reports to engage differently with others in their team who may think differently.


Nothing is off limits with Ishreen, and she always has good ideas and unique perspectives on problems that I and colleagues struggle with.

Craig Davies, Managing Partner, Rawlinson Hunter

Belonging Pioneers is where intentional leaders gain the clarity, confidence and courage to achieve their equity diversity and inclusion ambitions through authentic leadership and innovative new approaches.

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