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Privilege Research & Podcast


The Privilege Eruption Podcast is where we share what we learn from our research as well as explore impacts with our guests. Some of our guests are experts in their fields...and others are leaders who are grappling with balancing the scales of privilege at work. You can find the most recent episodes below. Please do have a listen and join the conversation.

The Privilege Eruption Podcast is a core piece of our contribution to assisting with workplace progress.

Privilege Research

All our work is research led. It began over 10 years ago, exploring the challenges facing senior female leaders at work - the challenges they faced and how they overcame those challenges.

Today, we are researching the impact of privilege at work and how that gets in the way of balancing the scales of equity diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. Our research is the foundation of our work. Our current project is building a body of knowledge on the impact of privilege at work.  It has already identified some very interesting facts:

  • 94% of respondents considered that the use of privilege whether that was intentional or not, is a very real issue that causes problems for every organisation, and that directly impacts productivity through a range of consequences

  • Perceptions that we have found in our early research:

  • Nearly 50% of all respondents believe that privilege has a significant impact on their working lives today

  • People mostly recognise privilege in the context of race, gender, or upbringing

  • They recognise but less so privilege in the use of company values or practices that enable the misuse of privilege such as seniority, or in progression or with rules

  • In terms of experience:

  • 81% of respondents had experienced use of privilege at work, the vast majority stating that privilege was exercised over them

  • Just over 50% of people believe that their use of privilege in their workplace is unconscious and unintentional, while those who thought it intentional blamed this mainly on the organisational culture tolerating privilege, or an intentional way of working to drive authority and maintain control

  • 63% reported feeling undervalued

  • 58% reported being demotivated

  • 45% reported feeling excluded by someone else's use of privilege against them

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Testimonials – Research

I have enjoyed working with Ishreen as an Advisory Board Member on our Amazon sponsored research project: “Making a Difference – Why Women in STEM become Innovators.” Ishreen brought a deep understanding and extensive knowledge of the challenges faced by women innovators to this research programme, which has since been used extensively to drive discussions with WISE members.

Ishreen’s facilitation and workshops are also highly valued by our clients. Feedback on her contribution to The Chief Scientific Officer’s WISE Healthcare Science Leadership Development Programme as well as her session at the WISE 2020 conference demonstrate her engaging style, depth of knowledge and positive impact.

I am looking forward to continue working with Ishreen in the future.

Dimitra Christakou, Commercial & Services Director, WISE

Belonging Pioneers is where intentional leaders gain the clarity, confidence and courage to achieve their equity diversity and inclusion ambitions through authentic leadership and innovative new approaches.

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