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Diverse Organisation/Board

We can work with you to look at your organisation and board – how diverse are they? how inclusive are they? To what extent do you want to diversify? How do you create an environment that's attractive?

Working with us, your board and your executive team will gain a clearer understanding of Equity Diversity and Inclusion, as well as their readiness for progress in terms of your organisation and board. You will be able to evaluate governance and governance effectiveness.

Services we provide in this area:

  • Advise you on board recruitment processes and succession planning through the ED&I lens

  • Facilitate your team in understanding governance duties and responsibilities so that aspects such as bullying or non-compliance can be managed effectively

  • Participate with you in the board interview process – bringing an expert ED&I lens

  • Coach your chair and key board members to become more inclusive – increasing the likelihood that new board members stay on and contribute at their best

    Case Study

    Our favourite example of Board diversification is where an organisation with six board trustees wanted to recruit four new trustees to the Board from black and brown communities. They kept saying that “there's just nobody out there and black/brown people don't want to do this”. The process we engaged with this client was to first ensure that the internal organisation and the board operations would be workable for a diverse group of board members rather than being purely about reading and signing off reports.

    Once we ensured that the internal culture was ready, we could move into the attraction process. We supported the ED&I Board committee through a marketing campaign that resulted in 16 very capable potential board members.  They liked the candidates so much that they ended up recruiting eight rather than the four new trustees – all of who were of black or brown ethnic heritage. And those board members are now vibrant contributors adding massive value to the organisation  

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Testimonials – Research

Ishreen Bradley and Mel Larsen have helped Serpentine rebuild our internal culture with a strongly anti-racist foundation. Thanks to them, our staff is better equipped to actively listen to the experiences of our colleagues of colour, who have reported improved feelings of belonging as result of this ongoing work. Over the nine months since we began working with Ishreen and Mel, we have revised our employee proposition and senior administrators representing communities of colour have joined the Serpentine team. What I value most about working with Ishreen is that she has been able to connect with every member of our team on a personal level and we have felt so supported throughout these first stages of this critically important process.

Bettina Korek, CEO, Serpentine

I chose to work with Ishreen Bradley in an Executive Coaching relationship based on her experience of change management related to equity, diversity and inclusion. Ishreen has supported me in thinking through how best to engage diverse and intersectional groups in our Firm. Some areas Ishreen has assisted me to work through include: how to help adapt the firm to shifting work and life attitudes of clients and staff; how to encourage development of prospective and junior partners; thought leadership and creative idea generation; empowering direct reports to engage differently with others in their team who may think differently. Nothing is off limits with Ishreen, and she always has good ideas and unique perspectives on problems that I and colleagues struggle with.

 Craig Davies, Managing Partner, Rawlinson Hunter

Belonging Pioneers is where intentional leaders gain the clarity, confidence and courage to achieve their equity diversity and inclusion ambitions through authentic leadership and innovative new approaches.

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