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Diverse Leader Development Programme

This is a modular development programme in which we work with your high potential diverse leaders to ensure that they grow in effectiveness, confidence and courage to speak up.

This programme is very popular with many organisations looking to grow diverse talent who typically work at more junior levels in the organisation compared to requirements of formal promotion processes. The full programme has four streams and four knowledge modules. We can work with you to design a bespoke programme based on these elements to fit with your budget and the time available for colleagues to participate in learning and development.

  • Stream 1: consists of awareness and skills building through 4 knowledge modules, each with 3 x 90 minute lunch and learns:

  • Module 1 is all about how to manage challenging situations and people. The first thing we train people in is how to understand different personalities using the disc framework so that they understand why someone might be reacting the way they do and how they can we work more effectively with them in that situation.  Then we go to go on to look at the context in which challenge and conflict occurs and educate people on separating the person from the task. The final lunch and learn in this module enables them to create and practice strategies for dealing with challenging situations and people. We share a number of frameworks and tools that they can use to go beyond what has stopped them in the past. This module is the baseline framework because what we find is that conversations around equity and inclusion are very challenging for people from underrepresented groups and means that they tend to hide and not speak up. This module gives them the tools with which to speak up in a way that they have impact.

  • Module 2 enables management and moving beyond impostor syndrome towards increased success. They work on transforming their impostor syndrome, freeing their mind of thoughts and repeating patterns that stop them from being successful. We then look at clearing the blocks and create a space in which they can truly explore their authentic values, what they care about and what what's important to them. This creates a blank canvas from which they can begin work towards their future.

  • Module 3 focuses on identifying difference value. In this module, the three Lunch and Learns are ‘A vision for your future’, ‘Find your purpose’ and ‘Define your value proposition’. In ‘A vision for your future’ participants become aware of what could be possible for them that they haven't even imagined before. Finding their purpose within that vision enables them to appreciate what they are here for and what they are going to contribute. Clarifying and articulating their value proposition enables them to identify what's unique about them that makes them a valuable asset; someone who can contribute diversity of thought and experience to ensure that your organisation’s customers, internal processes and your all your stakeholders have the best possible interactions and the best possible solutions.

  • Module 4 develops executive presence. Colleagues work on amplifying their brand, having the impact that they now know they are capable of, how to surround themselves with valuable advocates, sponsors, mentors, champions, coaches and champions through a virtual board and creating an action plan of what they need to do in order to be known for what they can contribute.

  • Stream 2: The Lunch and Learns are supported by an online app. The app which can be used from a mobile phone or the internet is available on demand. It contains all the content from the 90-minute lunch and learns, and also provides:

  • Monday Maximisers - prompts and reflection points every Monday to develop the thinking that has taken place in the lunch and learns.

  • Tuesday Tips - with further information about the content that's been covered in the Lunch and Learn

  • Friday Fun - a relaxing, light-hearted take on the topic.

  • The online app is also a valuable tool for networking. Colleagues who attend the programme can choose to join the directory through which they can connect with our alumni from many other programmes as well as from within their organisation.

  • Stream 3 and 4: drop in coaching and/or the action learning sets can be face-to-face, hybrid or online and can be tailored suit your organisation's budget and available development time. We find that drop-in coaching and or action learning sets amplify the learning and the performance of colleagues massively during this programme.

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Testimonials – Diverse Leader Development

It gives me immense pleasure to endorse Ishreen Bradley for her outstanding achievements in the field of equity and inclusion - especially her support for women in STEM.


I have known Ishreen for several years in my capacity as Marketing Director at Barclays. She is a role model; an enthusiastic, intelligent, professional who is not only competent, but also a great motivator.


Ishreen successfully mentors and drives equity/inclusion and is very effective with all her deliverables

Shareen Qureshi, Market Development Director, Barclays

It was a very different way of thinking for me, but one that has really clarified things for me and given me tools I will continue to use in the future.  I focused on ‘who I am’ and my essence – I feel really confident about it now.

Becca, Deputy MD, PR Agency

Great course which enabled me to spend time focusing on what really matters and challenging my beliefs. Taking the time out to focus on what matters without feeling self-indulgent. Focusing on core values and background as a starting point for the future rather than writing a ‘career plan’ based on commercial/market opportunities.

Jennie, Executive at an insurance company

Fantastic way to clarify your goals, get to know yourself professional and how to take actions to achieve your success. Builds your confidence as you go – highly recommend it! Helped clarify my purpose and direction.

Justine, MD, Training Company

This workshop has required me to review aspects of my true self that I have never reviewed before. It has proved to be enlightening and will, I am sure allow me to re-engage at work to show my full value. Realising what was/is holding me back from communicating effectively with key stakeholders was of more benefit.

Jane, Executive at insurance company

Belonging Pioneers is where intentional leaders gain the clarity, confidence and courage to achieve their equity diversity and inclusion ambitions through authentic leadership and innovative new approaches.

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