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Our Team

Meet the Belonging Pioneers

We are the belonging pioneers. We are a group of visually and non-visually diverse, experienced, facilitators, coaches and consultants. We specialise in different areas: some of us are experts in recruitment others are experts in internal and external communication. Here you will meet the nine of us who work most closely together. We have a network of over 200 Associates around the world. We think it's important to be diverse in our team so that when we come to work with you, we can bring you the team that most closely reflects what you are looking to accomplish in your equity diversity, inclusion and belonging goals, whether that's a part of your environment, social Governance (ESG) Initiative or not, and whether it relates to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives or not. What we do is we facilitate senior leaders and their colleagues to gain the clarity and the confidence they require to affect the sustainable change for equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging that they are looking to achieve. 

We would love to explore how what we know and what we bring and our lived experience could contribute to your organisation.


Ishreen guides Culture Transformation Programmes with global C-Suite and Senior Leaders to cultivate environments that embrace diverse talent by encouraging equity, inclusion and belonging.  She impacts Leaders so that they create and implement inspirational transformational strategies


Vicki founded and led IBM UK Women’s network and is an expert in understanding business drivers. She delivers change through innovation, with her collaborative leadership style.


Mel is an experienced strategist, coach and trainer. She specialises in marketing strategy, diverse team building, community consultation and engagement, facilitation of team, group and board planning sessions


Yemi’s mission is to increase the placements of women and BAME talent in organisations to counter the critical need for a more engaged and diverse workplace


Yemi’s mission is to increase the placements of women and BAME talent in organisations to counter the critical need for a more engaged and diverse workplace


Kami is a culture assurance expert and culture change leader. She helps leaders correct workplace cultures that fail to demonstrate inclusion, psychological safety or enable people to safely speak up


Peter blends research and study with his personal values, balancing the challenge and discipline of a military career and sport with sensitivity and intuition from his mystical studies and healing work


Gayle focusses on providing Communications strategies that enable companies to future-proof their communications in the area of diversity, inclusion and engagement


Leonard blends a data driven and outcome-oriented approach to bring about long-lasting change, tackling tough subjects head on in a professional and sensitive manner

Belonging Pioneers is where intentional leaders gain the clarity, confidence and courage to achieve their equity diversity and inclusion ambitions through authentic leadership and innovative new approaches.

Our Services

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